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We're a punk/emo/party band from Alaska now based in Minneapolis. 

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Video Premiere: "Slacker With a Death Wish" 

The first single from our upcoming album "Quitter" is streaming at New Noise Magazine! View the video below and read the article here.

"What Granddad bring to the table is a journey of emotional life lessons about the struggles of life, being relatable and personal. Their atypical, mind bending progressions are layered with beautifully woven guitars and roaming drums. With plenty of poise and a grandiose display of powerfully emotions, “Slacker With A Death Wish” breathes life into listeners by finding their core self and opening up. The vocals are constantly soaring over the winding instrumentals, tinged with a slight echo that helps give the cries a bit more depth; like finding the worst of your breakdown crying in the shower. Take a listen to this track below, enjoy the beautiful progressions and keep your head up." -- Sean Gonzalez 

Built to Spill Compilation 

We are stoked to have been included on a cover album of Built to Spill songs! We covered their song "Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup." All proceeds from this record go to the Trevor Project. Stream it below at Phluff! 


Listen here!



Hey wow we did a Daytrotter session! This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. What an incredible experience! 

Most of these songs are going to be on an upcoming album we are recording in December. Enjoy! 


Listen here!


Last Fbx Show??  

Our last show in Fairbanks for a LONG time will be this Saturday, April 22 at the UAF Pub! We had a write up about it in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner: 

"FAIRBANKS — Granddad is moving on. 

Granddad is the three-member queer emo punk band that originated in Fairbanks in November 2013 led by Kellen Baker (guitars and vocals) and Matt Harris (drums), with bassist Bobby Ziegler joining the two a few years later. Since its inception, the band has released three albums, moved to Anchorage and embarked on several Lower 48 tours. 

Now, the band is leaving Alaska and making a new home in Minneapolis. 

“We have been wanting to live in an area where we could tour more easily and have more opportunities to gig,” Baker said. “We have two summer tours lined up, and beginning in July we will be on the road more than we will be at home. We’re really excited to spend our time exploring, making music and making new friends. In the eternal words of Smash Mouth, there’s so much to do and so much to see.” 

Before they leave Alaska, Granddad is hosting one final Fairbanks performance. The group is playing the UAF Pub — the “Granddad Retirement Party” — from 10 p.m. to midnight Saturday. The group has been well received in Alaska, providing a musical voice to the state’s LGBTQ community with their queer-centric vibe. The Anchorage Press described Granddad as a “perfectly crafted, refined garage sound accented by articulate vocals.”"

(Link to FDNM article)

See you soon Fairbanks! <3

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